This Suburban Life

I went into town yesterday to try and buy a book I’ve been wanting to read.

The independent bookshop closed down while I wasn’t looking, apparently just a few days ago. This leaves the remaining literary dispensary in town being a well-known low-brow chain that only stocks things that have been reviewed recently in the newspapers or are inexplicably selling in large quantity (in this category see ‘You Only Live Once’, Katie Price’s fourth biography). If I wish to buy something slightly off the current mainstream interest I will need to get in my car and drive to another town, or buy online from a mega-corp.

I can count the independent stores (of any variety) remaining in this town on one hand.

Meanwhile, from my perch in the study I am witnessing the fourth enormous and noisy bin-lorry belonging to a private mega-corporation visit my street in one morning. Four lorries, to collect two bins full of stuff from each householder. Serco are taking over the world and laughing all the way to the bank.


1 Response to “This Suburban Life”

  1. 1 unmitigated me July 7, 2011 at 3:15 am

    Lots of indies now use Amazon to sell in the US. I buy from them whenever I can!

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