A Perfect Rainy Sunday Afternoon Activity

I first saw this BBC ‘nature documentary’ lying on a bed in India desperately trying to stay awake to enjoy the 4* surroundings.  I was channel-hopping and a man’s soporific delivery stopped me in my tracks.  Literally, because I managed to fall asleep after 20 minutes.  This was absolutely no reflection on the quality of the film; only of how exhausted I was, and relieved to finally be in a decent hotel.

I spent a good while trying to find it online, to be able to see it all for the first time.

The thing about this programme is that it’s not just a nature documentary.  It is a little piece of perfect film-making.  Kenny Salwey, the ‘Last River Rat’, narrates with a slow calm deep voice filled with wisdom.  Combined with astonishing film-making and an excellent sound-track, the team produced something unforgettable.

If you are ever searching for something to watch on YouTube, you can do a lot worse that this.

The complete film is available in several parts on YouTube and you can get to the rest of them using the ‘related video’ feature.  I promise you, you won’t regret making the effort.

*Edited to Add: apparently I’m a complete twerp when it comes to sizing embedded things. Sorry if your feed reader exploded with re-postings. And I still haven’t got it right.*


1 Response to “A Perfect Rainy Sunday Afternoon Activity”

  1. 1 Jonathan November 14, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    I didn’t even realise the video was hugeamongous until you mentioned it… it’s is excellent though ;)

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