Mother Nature: Tha's How She Do.

On fireworks night, the weather was inclement.  It was unseasonably warm but very damp, borderline pissing it down.  The first five minutes of fireworks were impressive, but the rain meant things took a turn for the opaque smouldering sulphur quite quickly and the grand finale was a near-total washout.

So all I’ve got for you is a bad photograph of a large bonfire.  Thanks to First Crapital Connect we got there too late to enjoy the burning effigy.

Of course tonight it is perfect weather for a bonfire and fireworks: cold, calm, and dry.

Last weekend I spent an hour raking leaves in the garden and painstakingly collecting them all into the wheely-bin so the local council can take them all away, make them into compost, and then sell them on for a profit to feed back in to community projects.  I have no idea whether they do this but if I were the council that’s what I’d do.

On Wednesday, the wind blew.

This morning I spent an hour raking leaves in the garden.

Mother Nature: tha’s how she do.


1 Response to “Mother Nature: Tha's How She Do.”

  1. 1 trash November 6, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    Shall I feel just a little bit smug that we held off home fireworks last night and did them tonight instead? No? ‘k.

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