Sunday Night Fitness Blogging: Slowly, slowly.

I read somewhere that it’s a good idea to leave it a week after you feel fully recovered from an illness before you start exercising.  I would happily loaf on the sofa drinking hot chocolate for that length of time, but I’ve got a run to train for, and I’m disappearing to Spain in a week (for a week of beer and tapas and being a bridesmaid).

I tried on the bridesmaid’s dress again this week, and it still fits.  It’s not flattering, but I can do it up without looking like the Michelin Man.

I waited until Friday before daring to attempt exercise.  I was struck down on Sunday, so that’s a whole five days after my nose started expelling putrid liquid.  I have a powerful in-built illness-repulsion system I definitely don’t deserve, so by Friday I was feeling a bit drained, but OK.  I did a ten minute warm-up on the treadmill, taking it nice and easy.  My usually overactive sweat-glands went into hyperdrive, but I didn’t faint.

I did a warm-up set of 10 unweighted squats and then rotated the following: 10 unweighted back hyper-extensions, 60 second planks, and then 10 squats holding a 5kg medicine ball. Three rotations.  For the bench-press (which is my absolute favourite exercise despite it being somewhat unnerving in the possibility that I might drop 30kg on my face) I did a warm-up with just the Olympic bar, and then went up to 30kg for three sets of eight.  I did four sets of assisted chin-ups (warm-up with 45kg assistance and the rest with 35kg).

On Saturday, and today, my muscles ache.  I don’t feel any worse than I did cold-wise, but no better either.

This morning I ran my 3.8 mile route, and it wasn’t easy but it wasn’t a killer.  At this point, I think I probably could run 10 miles but it would have to be a completely flat course, and I would need a maddened and rabid axe-murderer chasing me.

Things are going to have to step up, but honestly I don’t have enough time.  I’ve been flat-lined by this illness for almost a week, and set-back by not wanting to go hard in case it ruins my recovery.  I also spent an hour and a half participating in the Great Bramble Wars of 2010 this afternoon, and now I am worried I’m overdoing things too soon because I’ve got that ‘hot’ feeling in the back of my throat that tells me I can either calm the fuck down or get ill all over again.

The 10 miles is on 24th October.



1 Response to “Sunday Night Fitness Blogging: Slowly, slowly.”

  1. 1 Mrs. G. September 8, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    You can do it. Your track record confirms it.

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