Sunday Night Fitness Blogging, Week 2: No More Treadmill

Thank you, internet chums, for the comments on Week 1 – you are too kind by half.   I love hearing what everyone else is doing.  I count the half-hour or so I spent lifting a baby in the air and woogling it around as a weights workout.   My schtick is that this is a personal journey.  If you can walk the same hill you did last week but feel a little better about doing it, or lift a heavier weight without popping a capillary, it’s all good.  I am where I am, and you are where you are.  Some of you could bench-press me, I reckon.

This week I participated in some heavy lifting, socially: I went to see The Doctor and her new baby on Tuesday, and some friends from NZ on Thursday.  Both of those were late nights (almost midnight) and by Friday I didn’t have the will to squeeze in the extra weights workout I’d promised myself at the start of the week.

I’d wussed out of the whole ‘fitness’ thing by Wednesday, truth be told.

Tuesday AM:

3 minute warm-up walking on the treadmill, and then seven x one minute at 12.5kmph (7.7mph) with two minutes of recovery 6kmph (3.7mph).  Running at 11kmph (6.8mph) for three minutes.  This is becoming non-arse-kicking, and the plan for next week is to see how much I can stand of 2 mins at 12kmph alternated with 2 mins recovery.  I’m not looking forward to it, but something must be done.

I did manage three sets of ten unweighted normal squats (arse to the grass), and I racked up the dumbells to 12kg (26.5lb) for two sets of twelve presses and the same of rows.  I managed two sets of planks, and then I fell on the floor and sweated profusely for five minutes before retiring in the direction of the sofa.

Wednesday PM

30 mins running at 9.6kmph (6mph).  This was quite hard, harder than I thought it would be.  I kid myself it’s because I’m still recovering from Tuesday.  The exact words that went through my head were Sod. It.

Saturday AM

I’ve decided I need to pound the pavement for the longer distances.  The treadmill does have a TV attached, yes, and a personal fan (!) but I find that I over-heat quite badly.  I develop a quite frightening shade of purple: my legs are fine, I’m fine, my heart is fine, but my head feels like it’s about to liberate itself from my body cartoon-gusher style.  It’s distracting.

Running outside means the scenery changes, and you generate a cooling pleasant breeze by virtue of your own forward motion.  Unless you live in your city’s jockstrap, the air doesn’t smell of old man’s unwashed scrotum.   If you have never run distance outside, I recommend it.  I used to be like you, but then I came up against the programmed-in ‘time limit’ on the treadmill and forcing me outside was one of the better things that’s happened for my fitness.

So I told myself I’d run for 50 minutes outside, and in that time I should manage 5 miles.  It’s quite nice where I live now (not like in February when I was night-running, dodging the dog shit in luminous high-visibility outer-wear in the wilds of North London) so I was excited.  I ran down an old disused railway line, and around a bit, and then back through the town when I realised I was too near home and only 40 minutes had passed (only!).

I stopped running at 50 minutes on the dot, and felt quite good.  This shit is easier than I thought, I thought.  I’m going to go back home and map my route and see what I did.  I bet it was over five miles.

Ha. Ha. Ha ha.

I plugged in the data on and wanted to cry.  Mileage: 4.54.  On the one hand, yay!  That’s further than I’ve gone in a long time and it was actually quite fun.  On the other hand, according to the training schedule entirely made up in my tiny mind, I was meant to do five miles.  I briefly thought about heading back out, but I was all cooled down and besides, I still have a weak grip on my own mental health thanks for asking.  I ate a packet of crisps, because Lard knows that would make me feel better.

To add injury to disappointment, my legs have developed this odd feeling like they’re going to give out at any time.  My aches and pains woke me up last night (OK, I was in a tent the size of a colonial camp in India and there were weird noises all night, but still).

I did google making my own isotonic drink though, and it seems it’s this easy: 1ooml cordial, 4ooml water, a pinch of salt.  No more hyper-expensive bottled drinks – I used up the last paid-for one this week so from now on they will be virtually free.


1 Response to “Sunday Night Fitness Blogging, Week 2: No More Treadmill”

  1. 1 Naomi B. August 18, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    I’ll go with the Yay! for you, you are just starting over, remember? 4.54! Maybe next week you will have gone farther.
    I worked manual labor on my walk way some more- moving rocks repetitively. Can’t say as I have gotten any real cardio in. Maybe today, right after this, when I am manically cleaning my house because my husband’s grandparents are visiting and even though we are going to where they are for dinner, they want to come see the house, maybe during this cleaning I will elevate my heart rate and break a sweat.

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